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The 1811 Group Difference

The 1811 Group offers  a security experience that has not been previously available on the public market.   Serving as a single source solution to all their security needs, our clients can build and transform their personal or business security programs with one point of contact.  Our network of industry experts provides us the resources to address and solve the most complex security concerns for you or your organization.


Our Team

Our teams consist of industry experts with distinguished careers serving both the private and public sectors.  Consisting of former Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Secret Service, Food and Drug Administration and Department of Homeland Security, we are prepared to tackle any investigative or due diligence work you may need.  

Coordinating and leading security operations at some of the nations largest events, to include: Super Bowls, College Football Championship, NCAA March Madness Tournaments, International Air & Sea Shows and World Series has given our team unapparelled event experience.  Furthermore by having individuals who supported these events from all key project areas (federal/local law enforcement, emergency management, staffing and logistics) our well-rounded team know how to design plans to satisfy all shareholders.

Finally, our technology and design engineers' skills are second to none in the industry. Again, providing a unique blend of experience from private and public sector professionals, the 1811 team is prepared to manage all aspects of electronic and physical security projects; from performing risk assessments, master planning, and the design stage to construction, administration and project completion.


Want to experience the expertise of 1811 Group for yourself? Call or email us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

1811 Group Difference: Services
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