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1811 Advisors provides our clients experts in auditing and compliance practices for all their security program needs.

Organizational Training

Corporate Office : Government Facilities : Non-Profit Organizations : Place of Worship

Let our team share decades of risk mitigation and security experience with your organization.  The 1811 Group has subject matter experts ready to come educate and train your staff basic, intermediate and advanced security skills specific to your needs.  Whether you are looking for work place violence training or learning what it means to have a security mindset, we have the right expert for you.


Independent Compliance Reviews

Business proactively hire independent compliance consultants for a variety of reasons.  Companies facing possible legal or other business-threatening outcomes often proactively hire an expert to review their operations to eliminate future exposures. But many times, companies come to the 1811 Group because they want to establish distinct protocols and positive attitudes toward compliance within their organizations.
Whatever your reason may be, the team at the 1811 Group will handle your manners with discretion and integrity.

Internal Policies Review & Consulting

With all the pressing daily tasks in the workplace, it’s easy for policy review to fall through the cracks. Administrators may know that it’s important to review policies and procedures, but other tasks take precedence.
However, policy review is best when its done regularly and proactively. Company leaders shouldn’t wait for an incident to occur before they review and update company policies.

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